Job Acquisitor/Executor slows down work

Hello everyone!

I am experiencing some kind of slowness from the Job Acquisitor or Job Executor. There goes my problem:

In the screenshot the following scenario is showed:

  1. Receive task A waits for an event in order to be signalled and the process to continue;
  2. The gateway D checks for a process variable based on previously received event;
  3. The process goes through the intermediate event C;
  4. And ends up at the next receive task B.

A, D and B have no async continuation. C has async-before (because it has a listener with some logic attached to it).
The problem is that (as the start and end times of each step is showed in the screenshot) there are 13 minutes delay between D and C. No error logs were found during that time. I have no observation on the size of the act_ru_job table in the meantime, but the system hasn’t experienced any high load.

My thoughts are that either the Job Acquisitor is not acquiring the async-before job of the intermediate event as soon as expected, or it does, but the Job Executor is not picking the job from the queue in order to execute it. This event doesn’t occur very often, but it is annoying and causes some problems later on with the processes.

Do you have any thoughts on what may be causing this issue? Is there a way to investigate/enable some logs for the Job Acquisitor/Executor?

Any kind of help will be appreciated!

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Hello Yordan,

might give you more insights into how Job Acquisition and Execution work and can be analyzed and tuned.

Regards, Frank

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