Job Execution : where is retry cycle configuration?

From blog post on camunda Spring boot 2.0.0 :

Job Execution
Threadpool-size and retry-cycle can now be configured via application properties.

But I couldn’t find the retry-cycle part.
Doc has no reference to retry.


Hi @ludoo0d0a,

The property you are looking for is failedJobRetryTimeCycle from the process engine configuration so please try:
camunda.bpm.failedJobRetryTimeCycle: R5/PT5M for example

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Thanks but how to set the default value from application properties (with camunda-bpm-spring-boot-starter)?

Is it related to #145 or Context.getProcessEngineConfiguration().getDefaultNumberOfRetries();
or commandContext.getProcessEngineConfiguration().getFailedJobListenerMaxRetries();
The last getFailedJobListenerMaxRetries method is set to 3, where I want only 1.

Can the following bean be used ?

public static CamundaFailedJobConfiguration failedJobConfiguration() {
return new DefaultFailedJobConfiguration();

I finally achieved what I wanted by adding this config :

public CamundaProcessEngineConfiguration camundaProcessEngineConfiguration() {
	return new CollWkfProcessEngineConfiguration();


public class MyProcessEngineConfiguration extends DefaultProcessEngineConfiguration {

//custom job retry value: 1
private int defaultNumberOfRetries;

//custom failedJobRetryTimeCycle Retry once (R1), 1 minute between each try (PT1M)
private String failedJobRetryTimeCycle;

public void preInit(SpringProcessEngineConfiguration configuration) {

For the Camunda BPM 7.11+ version, you can use the Generic Properties method to configure the property. R3/PT30S

I hope someone will find this information useful.