Job Executor in Embedded Process Engine

Hi Team,
I am using Camunda Embedded process engine with Spring and I want to configure the lock time of my Job Executor.
It’s because when using parallel gateway when I turn the exclusive checkbox off one branch is executed twice.

Can anyone please help me with this…


Hi @Bikash1993

you could configure it very easy.

JobExecutor jobExecutor = (JobExecutor)processEngineConfiguration.getJobExecutor();

You could execute this code during initialization of your ProcessEngineConfiguration or in a separate ProcessEnginePlugin.

But why do you want to do this?
Your branch is executed two times because you will get an OptimisticLockingException and it is retried.
This happens because you turn the exclusive checkbock off . This leads to two threads which will concurrently execute the two branches and try to commit their results.
If all of your jobs are exclusive, jobexecutor will try to execute them one after the other in one process instance.

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