Job Executor Stuck Again - 1 Week Old installation of 7.15.0

YET AGAIN for the 7th or 8th time in a year we now have Camunda Jobs Stuck and not processing job for no apparent reason.

We just reloaded this server less than a week ago on v7.15.0.

@Niall Think since you guys just pulled in $100M in funding you can deal with a 4-year-old bug?

Not likely huh?


One reason the job executor appears to be stuck is when the job executor threads are not released from task code. A common cause of this was the connector architecture which did not time out and thus threads were blocked indefinitely…Thus looks for a cause of job executor threads being blocked by something…

In your model, it looks like you have 21 executions waiting on a signal (which is not directly waiting for the job executor), and 21 executions at the spam risk gate. I assume the spam risk gate is an async continuation which will be waiting on job executor, so Im curious to know what happens further downstream…

So looks for a cause of job executor threads to become blocked by code…
Are you using the connector library, if so, indefinite socket timeouts can be problematic…



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Hey Webcyberrob,

Yes, through a year of “Trial and Error” we have sorta figured out a decent part of what you mentioned.

HTTP Connectors have horrible problems and have been ignored for quite some time.

There seems to be a mild debate over this HTTP Connector issue and developers feel there was enough documentation that stated the HTTP Connectors was not a priority and other methods were higher priority. Though we somehow missed that memo in hours, days & weeks of troubleshooting this problem in the past year.

For example we were recently told about using a JSoup library and that has proven helpful, but we are using HTTP Connector in quite a few places since the documentation states it as the main way to access external endpoints for data exchange.

Unfortunately it will take probably a month or 2 to RE-WRITE all the code using HTTP Connectors, testing & debugging and devs can’t figure out why I have; “A BEE IN MY BONNET”.

Anyway, I just wanted to see if there was another band-aid we could put on this until we can waste our time re-writing the code.

Thanks for your input.

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