Job type ever-living suspended history-cleanup


In table ACT_RU_JOB I have created job type ever-living, which worked, runs a few times. But after again deploy my app this job was suspended. In column SUSPENSION_STATE camunda change value from 1 to 2 which mean suspended.
Someone can explain why camunda changed this value and stopped this cleaning job? And how to restore this value to 1 from 2 without changing the value in the database. I use camunda 7.7 on tomcat.

Thanks for help

Hi @anik,

did you perform a SQL insertion to create this job?


Hi, @tasso94
Thanks for answer.
No, I created this job by camunda configuration.
I also try to run this job by REST API and it’s still suspended(in column SUSPENSION_STATE is value 2)

Maybe is it possible to run this job by change column value SUSPENSION_STATE to 1?

Hi anik,

I wouldn’t recommend to directly manipulating the Camunda database.

The history cleanup job gets suspended as soon as there is no data left to be cleaned-up. So if the job already cleaned-up the whole cleanable history data, the job gets suspended.

You can either manually retrigger the job or configure a history cleanup batch window. This means that the job is automatically triggered within a configurable time span.