Job Worker registration with Self-managed Camunda 8

I am exploring the usage of self-managed Camunda8 and am currently running a docker file in my local setup (Docker Compose - Camunda).
I have created a job worker application and corelated it with the cam8 bpmn.

How can I register the job worker with the application running in my local setup?
Using SaaS version I can retrieve the APIs and update it . But in case of docker, how can I register the job worker application?

By default, the docker containers do not secure the Zeebe API. So, if you expose the right ports, you can connect to Zeebe directly via its URL, i.e., http://localhost:26500.

The supported client provide respective functions, i.e., for java:

clientBuilder = ZeebeClient.newClientBuilder().gatewayAddress("localhost:26500").usePlaintext();

There is no need to “register” the worker because the worker actively pulls the job from Zeebe.

Thanks for the response.
I did similar changes in “application.yaml” file as below and was able to get the worker application work.

Now if the same was in AKS, shouldn’t I need an API to handle the registrations? OR do I need to only update the “gatewayAddress” to point to the Zeebe ?
Also is the communication going through gRPC?

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Great, thanks for posting the additional information.

Yes, the communication is going through gRPC.
When deploying on AKS, we recommend deploying both Zeebe and the worker in the same address space. Ideally, the API is not exposed to the outside and only the gatewayAddress needs to be updated.