Job workers not getting invoked

Job worker handlers are getting invoked within 10 min of creating the job worker but after that, it does not get activated/executed

I created an instance and publish a message with timer expiry keys. if the timer expiry key is within 10 min of creating the worker then it works but if I pass like 20 min or 1 hr then the job is not executing.

Step 1 : Create instance

const result = await zbc.createProcessInstance({
      bpmnProcessId: my_bpmn,
      variables: {
        order_id: 12345678,
      version: 1,

Step 2 : Publish message with expiry keys

const requestBody = {
    order_id: 12345678,
    notifyTimer: R1/PT1200S,

 const result = await zbc.publishStartMessage({
      correlationKey: 'key',
      name: 'messageName',
      variables: requestBody,

Step 3: Create worker

 // (Execute PaymentTimerExpiry)
  taskType: "OrderExpiredReleaseProperty",
  taskHandler: orderExpiredReleasePropertyhandler,
// (Execute notifyTimer)
  taskType: "PaymentReminder",
  taskHandler: PaymentReminder,

Any help is appreciated.


Any help would be appreciated.

@Niall can you please me out here.

Hi @Deepak_Gupta

Please create a GitHub repo with a minimal reproducer in it - code and BPMN. Make it so that it works like this:

git clone <repoUrl>
cd <repo_name>
npm i
npm run

And with instructions in the README how to reproduce the problem that you see.

Then I - or anyone else - can check it out and run it and see what is not working and diagnose it for you.


Sidenote: 8 times out of 10, just attempting to create the minimal reproducer repo you will solve the problem yourself. The other two out of ten times, someone else can check it out and diagnose it and help you out - and if it is a bug, the reproducer goes into the bug report.

Hi @jwulf What did you mean by reproducer?

I was able to resolve the issue, thanks