JobManager - How to schedule Custom Job

Hi everyone,

There is any way to schedule a custom job using the JobManager?

At the moment we can make the job work using the MessageEntity, which is executed instantly.
In some examples its told that we can also use TimerEntity, but in addition to not being executed, I’m not sure where to set the date on which the job should be triggered…

How can we configure a custom job to, for example, execute at certain date, or better… to use some timer definition like what is used in the Modeler at StartEvents?

Thanks in advance,
Pedro Silva


I tried something similar some time ago, but I ended up using the quartz scheduler, I think there isn’t a direct API to schedule a job in the engine, at least i didn’t find it in the Rest Api. Maybe some give a better answer.

In the meantime, there is a project that might help you:

Also check the value of the property jobExecutorActivate.