JSON-Files for attributes

Hi Guys,

I have a question of understanding.

There are several elements in a process model. For example, activities, events, gateways or sequence flows.

Is it correct that every activity in a process model is assigned a JSON file? So that attributes can be assigned to this activity?

Are JSON files only assigned to activities? Or are all elements associated with JSON files? also sequence flows?

Where are you reading about Json files being used for attributes?

I’m talking about this picture.

As I see it, every activity is assigned a JSON file.

The question is: Is every sequence flow also assigned a JSON file?

Where are you creating that Json? The process is stored as a xml file without a master xml context.

A bpmn file is a xml file as per the bpmn spec.

Oh ok, then I misinterpreted the picture.

The JSON files are used to customize the property panel.

So that means that all data of my process model is only available in XML format.