JSON variable isn't fetched in the Called Process from a Main Process

Hi to all and Happy New Year.

In the above BPMN diagram, I 've created a JSON variable in the 1st task of the Main Process (“Create a List of Products”).
My problem is that the values of this JSON variable can’t be fetched when the Subprocess (“Selection of Products”) is called by the Call Activity of the Main Process.

I would like to ask if the script for fetching an existing JSON variable (Working with Json Data | docs.camunda.org) can be used in the above case (when you 've deployed 2 Process Definitions).

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Hi @steftriant

have you followed this section when specifying your call activity?


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Hi @felix-mueller and thanks for your feedback.

No, I hadn’t taken this section (Passing Variables) into account when I ran my model, so I have to test it again and I’m going to inform here in any case :slightly_smiling_face:


@felix-mueller it played with the mapping of variables, thank you very much for your hint :slightly_smiling_face:


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