JUEL expression in DMN

I am trying to define a JUEL expression to check if the input string contains the word “Camunda”. If the input string contains the word Camunda, the output variable should contain the value false. But when I am testing the case to know if the engine meet the correct rule, the output variable contains true. In my dmn model I have defined one input (first column) as string and as JUEL expression content.contains(“Camunda”) (the input variable is called content). How can I know which rule is fired?

Hi @MrPinedita,

if you use the expression ${content.contains("Camunda")} as input entry (i.e. condition) then please make sure that you set the input variable name to content. Note that you can also use this expression as input expression and check the boolean value in the input entry.

However, you can inspect the evaluation result using a decision (table) evaluation listener or the process engine history if you use the DMN engine in combination with the process engine.

There is also an interesting previous topic about this.

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Thanks Philipp, it works

Can you please share the DMN