JUnit + Camunda 7 to start message

Hi, I’m writing a JUnit test for a process with a start message event, after creating the process all the assertions fail because is still waiting on the start message:

Also I’m having hard times finding a good resource of a full JUnit - camunda materials, is there any JUnit - camunda docs url…?

Hello @alainosorio ,

could you please upload the bpmn xml (if it holds sensitive content, you can anonymize it before).

This will help us to find the cause for this behaviour.

At first glance, you might have a async before/after on the start event.

Is that true?


Hi @jonathan.lukas , thanks for your support and you’re correct about the async before assumption, I was able to find the answer here: How to pass async start event in Junit test?

Also could you point me a JUnit doc/training material?

Hello @alainosorio ,

the developer training in the Camunda Academy is an excellent starting point.

Plus, I am pretty sure there are numerous tutorials available by @Niall and other folks.