jUnit5 Camunda BPM Process Test Coverage

Hi, I`m trying to migrate my camunda tests coverage to jUnit5 acording to latest changes in this plugin.
In docs there are a few simple steps to achieve this goal:

Did anyone succeeded? Can You share the results?

Problems with docs:

  • There is no camunda-bpm-process-test-coverage-junit5 artifact in mvn repository (fortunately there is a separate link to the right artifact)
  • Class ProcessEngineCoverageExtension is missing in the lib ā†’ this is the main problem

Hi @chily,

the maven artifacts are still on their way into maven central. The colleague who has to confirm the release will return from holiday soon.

Please be paitient, Iā€™m waiting, too

Hope this helps, Ingo

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Thanks, I`ll wait then