Kafka Consumer Connector in parallel Subprocess not beeing registered

Hi there!

I modeled a process with two kafka consumer connectors as intermediate events. One inside the process itself and one inside a parallel expanded subprocess.
I create parallel subprocesses because i have n messages of the same topic i am waiting for which have to be processed via a rest connector which can take a while.
My problem is that the camunda connectors service is not registering the kafka consumer(s) inside the subprocess so i am stuck in the subprocess execution.

Hi @maxs, we just released a patch release of new connector runtime (Docker) that supports inbound connectors in subprocesses. It will also be available for SaaS users as part of our next release (October 10th 2023).


Kudos to the team. I will test it and give feedback to you guys :heartbeat:

@sbuettner It works now. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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