Kafka producer and consumer on camunda cloud

What should be the configuration for correlationkey(process) and correlationkey(payload)in kafka consumer connector.
1)should the values of both be same then only consumer picks up the value from kafka?

pfb my request which consist of process variables myvalue and process instanceid
“myvalue”: {

"request ":

“processInstanceId”: “014”

now in kafka consumer in correlationkey(process) i set processInstanceId
and then in correlationkey(payload) i fetch correlationid

is this the right approach?

Also how to pass headers in kafka message through kafka producer connector

@Niall @jonathan.lukas
Request to please suggest if there is any configuration to populate kafka message headers through kafka producer connector in cmaunda

Hello @hulk ,

in general, your approach looks right.

There is more information available here: Kafka Consumer Connector | Camunda Platform 8 Docs

However, the process instance id is not available unless you define it as variable for your process instance.

In general, I would recommend to use a process-related identifier as correlation key, depending on the use case.


thanks Jonathan.

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