KPI dashboard support for community version

Does Camunda support KPI dashboard for community version?

Like Elasticsearch what other open source Visualization tools does camunda support for community as well as enterprise edition?

Hi @Gayathri,

You can integrate it easily with ELK stack also, and additionally you can configure it to work with prometheus metrics. Below post might be helpful for you.

Hi @aravindhrs

Thanks for the information. Any idea if KPI dashboard is supprted in community edition?

Currently camunda doesn’t support KPI dashboard, but you can configure it by extending process engine via plugins

So if we go for enterprise version, we can use it right?

@Gayathri, in enterprise edition also KPI dashboard is not supported by default. Instead, when you buy camunda enterprise license, you will get Optimize product with detailed metrics of process and engine metrics.

Optimize: What is Optimize? | Camunda Platform 8


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Okay cool.