Large model image export cannot output to jpeg/png


I have a very large process BPMN model (624KB) that I cannot export to .jpeg or .png format within the modeler (log says it failed because too large).

I can output to an .svg (2MB), but that svg file cannot get opened/rendered in GiMP in any readable resolution without failing - I suspect my PC is just running out of memory. I have a large format printer, but my print department cannot print an .svg file and needs it in either .png or .jpeg.


Has anyone else run into similar constraints?

Is the image exporter on Modeler designed to fail at a certain image size? If I was to instead open the same model in something beefier than my three year old laptop, would I potentially have better luck?

Does anyone have any experience exporting large SVG files to PNG/JPEG? What software did you find helpful?

Is the modeler just not the right tool to design large process maps for business analysis/consumption?


This sounds like an edge case.
I have not worked with process models that large inside a modeler.
However, to handle the last SVGs you can try Inkscape.
Probably, the UI will struggle, because of the many elements to represent.
Iā€™d try to use the command line interface to convert the model:

inkscape --export-type="png" myprocess.svg

Alternatively, try conversion to PDF (if your printer supports PDF):

inkscape --export-filename=myprocess.pdf myprocess.svg
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