Latest tag in docker hub

I had the idea that in Docker Hub the * -latest images provided the latest stable version.

Am I wrong in my perception? Has this really been changed? Doesn’t it make sense to have that label for the latest stable version? More than having it for the next version?

After the release of v7.13 I notice that * -latest is v7.14, has this always been the rule?

I have the idea it isn’t, but I may be mistaken it and confuse projects.

@jftsaraiva Minor versions are available between each major release and those are available only for Enterprise users. Minor versions 7.13.x are only available to community users when next major version is released.

The latest version available to the community 7.14-alpha1 which should be pretty stable, but probably shouldn’t be used in production - you should maybe use 7.13.0. the next community release will be on 7.14.0 and will be on the 13th of October.

The latest enterprise version is 7.13.1 which is a basically the same as 7.13.0 with some additional patches since the release., those patches will appear in 7.14.0 for the community.

My question is more about tag on docker hub. Concretely about lastest tag, by example: wildfly-lastest.

In my docker-compose files I usually use that tag (wildfly-latest), and actually that tag is equal to wildfly-7.14.0-SNAPSHOT

I had the idea that previously this tag was linked to the latest stable version - currently this would be wildfly-7.13.0

Yes, I can change docker-compose to use tag wildfly-7.13.0, but I expected that latest tag should be latest stable version and not an alpha of next version.

I was convinced this wasn’t the convention before. But apparently I’m wrong.

Let me check this and i’ll get back to you.

@jftsaraiva thank you for reporting this. In my point of view, it makes sense, latest shouldn’t be a snapshot version but the latest released minor version. We are looking it the issue and I will update you when we make progress on it.
I would assume that you already changed to the fixed minor version (wildfly-7.13.0) as a workaround.

I will wait and meanwhile I will continue to use the workarround.

The tags have been fixed:
Please try to pull again the tag that you want to use.