LDAP Plugin Modification


my aim is to change the behaviour of camunda when the LDAP plugin is activated. I just want it to optain the Users from the LDAP but still be able to create new groups locally in Camunda and add the respective Users to them.

My problem at the moment is, I have no idea where to start. Modifying the plugin itself will not help, I need to know where camunda replaces the plugin with the database Identity Service and changes the available options in the frontend. Can some one help me where to beginn?

My other approach would be to write an own login application for the Authentification and then create the user locally via the rest engine without a password.

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Hi @Alexander_S,

Therefore you have to write your own LDAP plugin.

In 1 you see the corresponding sources for the LDAP plugin provided by Camunda.

As far as I understand your requirement, you have to implement your own WritableIdentityProvider instead of a ReadOnlyIdentityProvider, so that you can create new groups and maintain the membership of users. For further reading see 2.

Does it help you?


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