Let 2.0.0 depend on 7.6.0

Hello Community,

over the past weeks, I introduced some contributions to the platform core and engine-spring that basically allow more modular and easy extension and configuration.
I would want to use these features with the 2.0.0 release, but that would mean that switching to 2.0.0 would reqire also switching to 7.6.0.

I know this is a hard requirement, thats why I am opening a discussion about it, but its really hard to support multiple versions simultanously with our current project setup and it feels strange to hold back and build work arouncds when you know there already are better ways and fixes. especially the “correct webjar layout” is very hard to support for 7.5 (wrong) and 7.6 (right) … but there are other things like plugins, runtimeContainer, spring configuration, …

So my vote would be to switch to some 7.6 alpha release now, incorporate all improvements and release closely after the 7.6CE release end of month.



Hi Jan.

Especially the webjar argument is a good one (for me personally) to make a non-backwards compatible move. However, keep in mind that you might scare of some people. And it should be very clear which version requirements (Camunda & Spring Boot) which Spring Boot Starter Community Extension version has.


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I did it … Spring boot starter 2.0 wont work with anything below 7.6 … release will come soon, I guess next week