Linking DMN with BPMN - Decision Ref field - How to get it

I want to use a Decision Model in a Business Process Model. Based on the below tutorial (at 7 minutes), it says that I can take the Decision Ref field to identify the DMN by pressing the Advanced Mode button in Camunda Modeler. However, I don’t have this button in Camunda Modeler. How else I can get this field in order to use it in the BPMN file where I want to use a decision model?
Many thanks in advance for your help,

Hi @DianaArti,

here is an updated demo of the DMN Modeler: Editing DMN in Camunda Modeler |

You have to open the properties panel on the DRD to edit the ID of a decision table.

Hope this helps, Ingo


Thank you, Ingo!
Just to add some details I’ve learned: I was confused at first because there are two IDs in the Properties Panel. When clicking outside the decision table box, the Panel shows an ID in the General section, that is not the “Decision Ref” field (the key to identify the dmn file).
However, when clicking on the decision box will show up another ID field in the Properties Panel, that also has this label: “This maps to the decision definition key”. This is the key I needed to use in Postman as key for the process definition and also as “Decision Ref” field when using this DMN in a BPMN model.