Linking OPC-UA server to Camunda

Hello everyone,

I am quite new to Camunda and I am expected to link Camunda to OPC-UA. (OPC-UA is a machine to machine communication protocol. More information could be found here OPC-UA). I have no clue where to start with. Could anyone please help me out. Anything to start with would be of great help.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Niall,

could you help me out with this or I was wondering if you know someone who could… :slight_smile:
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Hi @ichbinrk

unfortunately i’ve never really come across OPC-UA before. so I’m not sure exactly what it’s capabilities are and what you need to do with it. I would hope that you’re able to connect it to the engine using the REST API. and if you’re looking to have non-java code orchestrated by the engine, the best bet is to use the external task pattern. (good idea to read @zambrovski’s blog post on it) this would require you to implements a few rest calls to the engine to fetch work and then run the OPC-UA code.

Hi @ichbinrk,

As @Niall said, interfacing with the REST API is probably the fastest way to go. There are OPC-UA libraries in many languages that overlap with Camunda client library languages.


I can provide examples of how to use the Camunda Go library if you need them.

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