Linting Error: Cannot read property filter of undefined

I recently installed the linter plugin and and getting the following error on the top level of my document: “Rule Error: Cannot read property filter of undefined”. The BPMN deploys with no console errors and the contained processes seem to run ok.

I have searched the XML of the BPMN and cannot find the ‘filter’ keyword anywhere. Google has been of little help.

I the BPMN itself has three participant lanes in it

Can you upload the model in question?

Here you go.
Its still a work in progress atm.

finance-application.bpmn (29.6 KB)

We’ll have a look. If it is a bug in our existing linter rules we shall fix it :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is a bug we shall fix:

Fixed with bpmnlint@7.3.0.

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Thank you. Incredibly quick response