Linting for Camunda 7 BPMNs

Hi there

I installed the Modeler 5.7. The cool linting plugin does not work anymore :sob:. See GitHub - camunda/camunda-modeler-linter-plugin: Check your BPMN diagrams for common issues

So the replacement is the build-in Linting of the Modeler.

Now for a Camunda 8 BPMN, that looks good:

But for a Camunda 7 BPMN, not so good:

What is idea here? Only support for 8, or do I miss something?

If there is no support for 7, is this correct, the last working version would be 5.2 - right?

Hello @pme123 ,

the Modeler team is working on bringing back the default c7 rules.

In the meantime, you can activate them with a plugin:

I hope this helps



Hi @jonathan.lukas

Thanks this is perfect - even more linting than for Camunda 8 :wink:

I included it in my Plugin Manager:


@pme123 and others: You can track feat: add bpmnlint recommended rules built-in by nikku · Pull Request #3289 · camunda/camunda-modeler · GitHub on our current progress on adding standard lint rules into the tool.


How would one install this plugin? I have the MacOS version of the modeler, but do I need to build this project first or add the contents of the repo directly to the Contents/MacOS/plugins folder? Thanks!

Hi @DaveyStones
I wrote a modeler and plugin manager for all used plugins.

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Hi @pme123, I cannot modify my Mac applications in the Applications folder – we have an enhanced privilege management policy that disallows that. I also attempted to add a plugins directory to a copy of the app in my ~/Downloads folder, and when I tried to run it with one plugin compiled there, it said that it couldn’t execute the app because it had been tampered with.

Do you have any other suggestions of how to get these plugins installed? Should I try modifying your script to point to a copy of the app that I can modify? Thanks again for your help!

Hi @DaveyStones
Sorry I do not know if there is another way.