List user tasks for a given process instance (GraphQL)


With the Camunda 7 REST API there is an endpoint to list all tasks for a given process instance:

This does not seem to be possible with the GraphQL Tasklist API in Camunda Platform 8? There are very few options to query for tasks according to TaskQuery docs. This seems like a big downgrade from v7 considering how many options there are for querying and filtering there?

Basically what I want is my application to be able to figure out whether there is a pending user task for a process instance. Maybe there is another way of doing this other than the Tasklist API? I am open for suggestions :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to this feature as this is currently a blocker for us.

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+1 here. Heavily needed

+1 Likewise. This is needed. Only workaround I can come up with is to inject the actual process instance id of the workflow into variables, then key off that variable either in the query (haven’t gotten there yet) or pull all unassigned user tasks and loop through them to return the one(s) associated with the workflow instance.