Live View of changes on a task on Camunda 8

I want to have a live view of all tasks & their relevant information. Basically live data feed.

Sample use case which might throw more light on what is to be done

A task has a form with 4 fields, one is lets say email; As a user Anmol I have assigned the task to self; but in the background a process picked this task and updated the email to different email - In this case Anmol screen should show the new changed email ( may be upon refresh of the page).

Is this already a out of box thing for camunda 8 or this is not feasible?

Hi @anmolrane1989 !

Is it just a technical process in the background updating tasks, or also users collaborating?

Our APIs offer an endpoint to update the current input of a form via “draft variables”. After the user refreshed the page, the content will be visible:
Save draft variables | Camunda 8 Docs

There is no “live update” yet however (the user must always refresh). In a custom task app, you could implement that by polling + diffing, but it requires a resolution strategy of the changes (what has precendence - user input or background job?)—that’s why we haven’t built this yet as it’s fairly opinionated.