Load BPMN into BPMN.IO viewer structure without viewing and export SVG immediately


i am new in the BPMN world :slight_smile:

What i need is a solution to convert a bpmn to PDF in a c# world.
I found the BPMN.IO viewer which is able to export the loaded BPMN as SVG.

My idea is to load the BPMN into the bpmn.io structure and use the export as SVG feature immediately, so i can use the SVG as input to convert it to PDF (we using Aspose for conversion tasks).

What do you think? Is there a better way to do this?
And th main question, how can i load the bpmn into the bpmn.io structure? :slight_smile:

There are a lot of examples, but i found nothing about the usage in a c#.net environment.

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Hi Andy - Camunda Modeler exports to SVG (or PNG or JPG) natively. (File > Export as Image). There’s no need to go over to BPMN.io to accomplish this.

That said, I too have been searching for the easiest way to get my BPMN diagrams in to a PDF format. Right now, I’m exporting to PNG and then into a PDF app (Bluebeam), which isn’t too bad. But, its a whole other story if I want to size my model to print LEGIBLY to a standard paper size… then I have to wrangle it a whole lot more within my PDF app.

I hope someone else can offer a better way.

Edit: I just realized that you are trying to accomplish this programmatically with bpmn-js. Sorry for misunderstanding. (Either way, I still have my PDF problem.)

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Hi @sarahekelley ,

thank you :slight_smile:

Maybe I should have said that I have to do it programmatically :slight_smile:
I think you exported it manually as PNG, right?

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Yes, I am still doing my export manually. :frowning:

(Also, Bluebeam, my PDF app, does not support SVG import, which is why I am using PNG.)

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