Load script from external resource error


I am using http-connector to call an external REST API. I have written a javascript and kept it in my Apache server. I want to load that java script for payload. Please find the attached image below.

I am getting following error now.

“type”: “RestException”,
“message”: “Cannot instantiate process definition 9204f7ee-11fc-11e8-add7-9cad97d34f79: ENGINE-09024 Unable to find resource at path http://localhost:90/test-script.js

So is it possible to add javascript file from external location while using http-connector?

Easy to load your script from URL. Use the embedded script as JavaScript. And in the Js write load('http://www.....')

See nashorn extensions for the load() function.

Edit: you can also do load('classpath:myJsFile.js') which will load the js files sitting in your lib folder/classpath

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Thanks for the information.

Just want to know if we specify “Script Type” = “External Resource” then we can not specify any URL to load the resources… Please correct my understanding.


Never seen it documented to be used as a http URL