Logging in Camunda 7

What is logging in camunda 7? how do we configure it and in which file?

You can find here an explanation of how logging works.

Also, if you are running your application as a linux service with systemd, you may be able to se logs with journalctl if you have configured the service for that.

In which file we configure this? is it application.properties file?

Yes, either application.properties or application.yaml.

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Where do we view the logged details?

If I modify the logback.xml and change the level to DEBUG does this work? Then where do we find the logged details?

You should be able to specify the path of the logging file. By default, if you just give it a name, it should be next to your jar.
I haven’t used logback.xml file, so I’m not sure how it works, but I would think you should be able to do so.