Looking for experience with call activity use cases


I’m currently developing a tool which can validate BPMN models. Since I don’t have much experience in modelling processes, I’m wondering if it is a (common) use case to use the same call activity more than once in a process.
E.g. you have a process and the first element is the call activity “Talk to customer”. After that there are other elements and at the end you have the call activity “Talk to customer” again.
Would you consider that as bad style or as valid use case?
I would like to hear your experiences.


@TamaraGunkel The main use case for the call activity is to have a reusable process definition that can be called from multiple other process definitions. Although not yet part of the BPMN specification, it is also possible to call a CMMN case definition.

When process execution arrives at the call activity, a new process instance is created, which is used to execute the subprocess, potentially creating parallel child executions as within a regular process. The main process instance waits until the subprocess is completely ended, and continues the original process afterwards.

So coming to your use case “Talk to customer” itself is another process you can use call activity. Call activity is used to call another process definition. If “Talk to customer” activity doesn’t have seperate workflow process then you can use “user task” or “send task”.