Loop in BPMN stuck at Inclusive Gateway


I have a loop in my bpmn process, similar as in Loop in process model: How to handle the process variables?.

Excerpt from my Process:

The Sequence Flows going out from the Inclusive Gateway all have conditions.
Conditions are modeled so, that when no other sequence flow can be followed the End event is invoked (upwards)

This works nicely the first time around, however, after closing ‘Klassifizierung’ for the second time the Execution is stuck in the Inclusive Gateway (execution.currentActivityId is the Gateway). The Conditions on the Sequence Flows going out of the Inclusive Gateway are never evaluated (I have logging in there, so am sure about that).

I’d be grateful for any hints on how to resolve this, Java classes to debug, config settings to increase log levels etc. …


Which Camunda version do you use?

I am using Camunda 7.1

Please check if the problem persists with 7.8. There have been a couple of fixes made to the inclusive gateway implementation since then.


hi thorben,

I was afraid you’d say that.