Lot of rules with similar expression

Which is the best strategy to define a lot of rules with similar expressions? For example I want to check if a content (input of my DMN Table) contains any word of a big set of words. I can do it defining the expression like that

Rule1: ${ (content.contains("value1")) }
Rule2: ${ (content.contains("value2")) }
Rule3: ${ (content.contains("value3")) }
Rue4: ....

or like that:

Rule1: ${ (content.contains("value1") || content.contains("value2") || content.contains("value3") || ... ) }

But I would like to compare the content with a list of 1000 values. Maybe these 1000 values are saved in a database table. How would you perform this taks?

Hi @MrPinedita,

maybe, the easiest way is to store the values in a single process variable and check if the content contains one of them. You can do the check in the input expression.

Does this help you?`

Best regards,

Yes, I think it makes sense. I let you know if I find any problem. Thanks!