Mandatory/Optional tasks: can they be represented by an inclusive gateway?

Hello all,

I am in doubt about how to represent a step in the flow in which one task is always mandatory and another one is optional. Let’s suppose task 1 is mandatory, task 2 is optional.

I saw some representations using the inclusive gateway, but my understanding of the inclusive gateway is that task 1 can be executed OR task 2 can be executed OR tasks 1 and 2 can be executed. Hence this doesn’t match the requirement. Can someone please share your ideas?
Many thanks in advance for your feedback!

Hi @marcio,

if task 1 is truely mandatory in any case, why don’t you use a single exclusive gateway for the optional task 2:

BR, Florian

Hi @marcio - Another way of potentially handling your scenario, if I understand correctly, is that you want to create both tasks, but only one of them needs to be completed to continue the process. If this is the case, I would say that you can attach an “interrupting timer” onto the optional task to have it “expire” after a certain amount of time. If the task is truly optional, I would think you have some business requirements on the time window in which it needs to be done. The below flow will create both tasks and JOIN them after both have either been completed, or after the mandatory task has been completed and the optional task has expired.


Hello Florian, many thanks for your suggestion! It definitely helps! Kind regards,

Hi Jeremy, very interesting, it also matches the requirement. Many thanks for your feedback.
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