Mange users

Hi ,
I am using camunda 7 platform and I have created a group called it audience then add user called “AhmadH” to it , I have created new authorization in application authorizations for audience group only on tasklist app and add authorization in authorization authorizations for the same group only on task list as the attachments but when the user “AhmadH” logged to the system it can navigate to any app (admin, cockpit,…, etc.) as camunda admin user.

Hello my friend!

Check if this user in question is not registered in the admin group, and check if this user does not have access to other applications… suddenly your user may have access granted by the user himself and not just by the group…

If you can, send us a print of your entire authorization screen in “Application” and “Authorization”… and also send us the “process instance” and “task” just so we can check as an example if the user is not registered there.

Remembering that if the user is registered… or is included in the “Admin” group, you will need to remove him from this group and leave him registered only in the new group that you created.

William Robert Alves