Manual User Task

Newbie question. I have a use case where a user must manually create a work order using a web app as part of the workflow. (Assume the work order system cannot send messages to the workflow when the work order is complete, for now.). How would the BPMN flow work in this case? Would you create a user task with a form they would complete to report that it is done? When they do complete it, the automated process would continue. Just trying to understand how to best use the user task when the task to be done is outside of the workflow. Make sense?

Hi @donniekerr,

your understanding is absolutely correct.

You just need to provide the user a possibility to complete the task. In Most solutions I have seen so far, it’s a button on a web form. Pushing the button has to call the completeTask command of the Tasklist API: completeTask | Camunda Cloud Docs

Hope this helps, Ingo

Thank you @Ingo_Richtsmeier for the sanity check. :rofl: Trying to phase in automation over time.