Mapping +1 results into BPMN


I’m having a small problem which I hope one of you can help me with. I’ve got a DMN task in my BPMN process. This task is set to C (collect) and for some values it can return more than one output. I’ve tested this DMN task in the simulator and it correctly returns the two values.

I’d like to use the values from these outputs in one variable in my process instance. I mapped a result variable and chose ResultList for the DMN task. However, when I look in my process instance the value returns as a massive string which I won’t be able to use in my expressions for the following gateway. Has anyone got an idea how I can make the values normal strings as they are represented in the DMN table rather than a massive string.

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Hi @kingspallett,

can you please share more details?
What do you mean with “massive string”?
How do you serialize the result variable (e.g. JSON)?
Do you use the result variable in the same transaction (i.e. no wait state in between)?

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