Maven Error Please Help


I am trying to import an existing Project into my eclipse and trying to make it run but i am getting the following Maven Error while doing a Maven Update. Can anybody please guide.


This is the error i have recieved

The project org.camunda.bpm.example:camunda-example-invoice:7.11.0-SNAPSHOT (F:\CAMUNDA SAMPLE PROJECT\camunda-bpm-platform-master\camunda-bpm-platform-master\examples\invoice\pom.xml) has 1 error
[ERROR] Non-resolvable import POM: Could not transfer artifact org.camunda.bpm.dmn:camunda-engine-dmn-bom:pom:7.11.0-SNAPSHOT from/to fix-maven-snapshots-issue-with-nexus (allow-parent-pom-resolving-when-snapshot): Cannot access allow-parent-pom-resolving-when-snapshot with type default using the available connector factories: BasicRepositoryConnectorFactory @ org.camunda.bpm:camunda-bom:7.11.0-SNAPSHOT, F:\CAMUNDA SAMPLE PROJECT\camunda-bpm-platform-master\camunda-bpm-platform-master\bom\pom.xml, line 162, column 19: Cannot access allow-parent-pom-resolving-when-snapshot using the registered transporter factories: WagonTransporterFactory: Unsupported transport protocol -> [Help 2]

Does it work if you change the Camunda version to 7.10.0?

Thanks Niall. I was able to get it up by changing the pom.xml

Hey @Niall,

This is again failing for version 7.16.0, have even tried the versions 7.10, 7.15 and 7.17. Is there a way to resolve this? Thanks :slight_smile:

got similar error. After reading the and modifying local maven settings.xml as requested it builds fine.

Hope this helps others looking for this error and getting to this post.

tested with 7.18

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