Max_jobs_to_activate and max_running_jobs

Our task handler will process 1 job each time
What is the best value for this variables:

max_jobs_to_activate (int): Maximum amount of jobs the worker will activate in one request to the Zeebe gateway. Default: 32

max_running_jobs (int): Maximum amount of jobs that will run simultaneously Default: 32


“It depends”.

Try it without changing anything, then try it with them set to 1. And see what the performance is.

Exactly what the ideal settings are depends on various factors - amount of time taken in the handler, number of process instances active concurrently, what it means to say “our task handler will process 1 job each time”.

The task handler is called once for each job. So a task handler processes 1 job each time by design. If you mean that you want only one running in parallel (no thread / event loop concurrency of task handler instances), then you need to set the value to 1 to force that “singleton” nature.