Meet-up Utrecht. From process sketch to a high-throughput business process orchestration

Hi folks,

The lovely folks from the Camunda Chapter: Utrecht, @cyphermatic and Edwin Nooijen have a great session planned for November 30.

Julio Wu, process automation engineer at Bunq will be there to walk us through the journey they took from process discovery to going live and having that process in production. @quentin.leroy and @Eric_Lundberg, product managers at Camunda, will share how to start a transformation journey and how setting a Center of Excellence can help you to accelerate adoption within your group.

Key information
:calendar: November 30
:round_pushpin: Utrecht, Netherlands
:speech_balloon: Language: English

:eye: Tagging some folks in the region, in case you want to attend, Utrecht folks are great hosts, and the community that gathers in person is also incredible. @PaulTax @Jayaprabahar_Chandra @dmukhopadhyay1987 @hvaizand @tiesebarrell @pieterl @kontrag @wgielingh @rdi @Adrian_Stachowiak

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