Meetup Ruhrgebiet+Rheinland - Controlling a Smart Factory w/Camunda & BYOP

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If you missed the chance to watch live @ronsei and Lukas Malburg, who talked about Controlling a smart factory with processes in Camunda in CamundaCon 2021, this is your lucky day because @rnschk and @mschulte , organizers of the Meetup Ruhrgebiet and Rheinland, are having them as guests.

On top of that they are having a BYOP section. Bring Your Own Problem and get the support of the community to tackle it.

Language: German
Type: Vritual

See you there!


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Thanks @Maria

I’m looking forward to that smart factory talk. Already watched it at camundaCon and love how physical reality is controlled by a bpmn-process :heart:

I’m also curious what problems are brought and what solutions we are coming up with.

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