Message event error: EXTRACT_VALUE_ERROR

Hi, I’m playing around with zeebe-node library and faced an issue which I’m not able to resolve. In my workflow, there is a message event, which should be triggered by the client. I believe I’m sending the correct message to the broker but It’s raising an incidence { Error Type: EXTRACT_VALUE_ERROR, Error Message: Failed to extract the correlation-key by ‘worker1Id’: no value found }. I’m using correct correlation key and message name.

following is my message event listener:
<bpmn:message id=“Message_01t2tpj” name=“worker1_status”>
<zeebe:subscription correlationKey=“worker1Id” />

Event trigger:
await this._zbClient.publishMessage({
correlationKey: ‘worker1Id’,
messageId: uuid.v4(),
name: ‘worker1_status’,
variables: { status: ‘PROCESSED’ },
timeToLive: 10000,

I’m not sure where the issue is and if someone can help or direct me to an appropriate forum, that will be appreciated.


At first sight, it sounds like an issue… Is it possible for you to create a simple reproducer and open an issue for it?

Hey @shantanubhusari @salaboy ,

I think the problem is that the correlationKey naming is maybe a bit confusing, see also this issue .

@shantanubhusari you need to have variable worker1Id in your running worklfow instance. The message is then correlated to this instance with the same value.

Does this make sense to you guys?


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@Zelldon that makes a lot of sense… I gave my thumbs up for correlationExpression in the GitHub issue. From the error report here it really looks confusing.

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Hi @shantanubhusari, please read this:

Particularly the “Common Mistakes” section. It is covered in there. Please comment on the linked issue to have the field renamed to correlationValue if you think that would make it clearer.


Thank you everyone for the response, and the solution worked. I’ve also responded to the issue to use correlationValue.