Message Intermediate Catch Event after Event based Gateway in same pool (but different lane)

It seems I can’t continue with an Message Intermediate Catch Event after an Event based Gateway when the sender of the message is in the same pool (but in a different lane). This works fine when the sender is in a different pool. Is this a bug or a feature?

This is very much not a bug :slight_smile: it’s part of the standard. There are fundamental differences between lanes and pools. (e.g. Pools indicate completely different processes lanes are still the same process) There are also rules around how message flows and sequences flows can connect to specific symbols.

What you’re seeing his is the modeler properly enforcing these rules so that you dont end up accidentally making models that violate the standard.

Thanks for the quick reply Niall.

Is there a compliant way to recieve a Message from another participant in the same process (btw. from another lane in the same pool) to trigger an Event based Gateway?

The same thing works when you first model a Recieving Task right before the Message Intermediate Catch Event (first image) and delete the Recieving Task afterwards (second image). So this must be a bug then…
Also the same thing works fine in another known BPMN2.0 modeler.

No - when a message is sent in BPMN it must leave the scope of the process that sends it. Because a lane is simply an indication of responsibility and not an indication of scope it have no affect on messages.
Basically you seems to be using lanes incorrectly. You have 2 none-start events in your process what would you expect to happen when someone starts this process? you should probably break that lane into it’s own pool if you want messages to work in the way you’re intending

Not all modelers do validation in same way. .

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Hi Niall,

Thanks for clearing.
I think I have to review my understanding of pools and lanes…

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