Message Intermediate Catching Event

Hello there! Sorry I’m new with Camunda.
I have the simple bpmn which contains smth like this:

<bpmn:intermediateCatchEvent id=“Event_0t7h02h”>
<bpmn:messageEventDefinition id=“MessageEventDefinition_1sqjb5r” messageRef=“Message_0conihf” />

<bpmn:message id=“Message_0conihf” name=“COMPLETE” />

Then I try to send message for concrete started instance of business process with businessKey=12345 like:

String businessKey = “12345”;
runtimeService.createMessageCorrelation(“COMPLETE” )

And then I getting the exception:

Cannot correlate message ‘COMPLETE’: No process definition or execution matches the parameters

I just want to send message to business process to go to next camunda step. What did I do wrong?

can you upload your model and also show exactly how you start the process?

TestProcess1.bpmn (3.6 KB)
And then I start the process like:

public void deployBpmnProcess(String resourceName, String bpmnContent) {
.addString(resourceName, bpmnContent)
ProcessInstance process = runtimeService.startProcessInstanceByKey(businessProcessDto.getBusinessProcessDefinition(),
businessKey, businessProcessDto.getVariables());

Maybe important info is I sending correlate() from TestCamundaApiDelegate

Solved: the message can’t be correlated because the receive task is not entered yet. Should correlate the message asynchronously using the async API call or an async-marker at the activity.