Message Start Event - Variable visibility/access in Event Subprocess

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Need your help in understanding the variable visibility of Message Start Events in an Event Subprocess. Let us consider the below example.

In this example if we set any variable in the MessageCatch event of the main flow, we are able to access it in the subsequent task (‘SomeTask’). But in case of the Event Subprocess, if we set any variable in the SubprocessMessageStart event, the variables are not visible to the subsequent task (someOtherTask). The variables are visible only after the completion of the Event Subprocess. Is this by design ?

I think there are use cases where we would want to set certain variables as part of publish message with in a subprocess and the tasks with in the subprocess need to access it and use it. Is there any other way to achieve this ?

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Thank you for raising this up. It is a known bug (Message Start Event of an Event Subprocess is not setting variables and not allowing Output mapping · Issue #4884 · camunda/zeebe · GitHub). It is fixed a few days ago and will be part of the next patch releases.

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