Message Tasks vs. Message Events in BPMN2.0

Hello There!
Is there any difference between Send/ Receive Tasks and Message Intermediate Events?
And how do you review this article on the mentioned topic?
Thanks in advance!

I think the article is a well written summary of events and tasks … Do you have any concrete problems or questions?
Otherwise: Depends on personal preference, I would go with events until other requirements occur.

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Hi @Fahimeh_Haddadi,

in addition Jan’s comment: technically is no difference between sending and receiving Tasks and events.

Sending needs a Java delegate (or similar), receiving needs Message correlation.

Cheers, Ingo


The only case I’ve come across where it seemed appropriate to make a distinction (other than personal preference and the ones stated in the article) is where a message is received and we happen to know that the way that message is received is by a user actively indicating it. In that case I prefer the receive task over the event, because to me it signifies that some activity is performed leading to the receive. Admittedly though, it’s a matter of taste and you could argue the other way.