Microsoft Office 365 Mail Connector

I’m trying to send email using the Microsoft Office 365 Mail Connector, but I receive the following error: 401 Unauthorized POST{ "error": { "code": "MissingClaimType", "message": "The token is missing the claim type 'oid'.", "innerError": { "oAuthEventOperationId": "342af7b7-710b-4386-8862-481e9512ad8b", "oAuthEventcV": "tcQcVjsfdKB/hRRoImrN4g.1.1, tcQcVjsfdKB/hRRoImrN4g.1", "errorUrl": "", "requestId": "4d6d0e6e-901a-4465-a4d2-5faf888f95ee", "date": "2024-06-08T10:48:45" } } }

Can anyone tell me what could be the reason for this error? I think there must be some configuration missing on the Azure side