Migrate process state outside the internal Rocks DB

Hi Team,
Is there any solutions on how we can migrate process states outside the internal Rocks DB of Zeebe?

Hey @Pushkala

can you describe what you would like to achieve?



How can we get data like process instance state, running jobs, variables etc present inside Zeebe’s internal db for our custom uses?
Suppose if we want to create a custom tool of our own, similar to Optimize based on internal data how can this be achieved.
Is there any way similar to the case where an external db was present from which we can get all process related informations?
One more doubt is that suppose if we use exporters for the same, is it possible to get all kind of data or is there any data access restrictions on that?
Thanks in advance.

Mostly all external tools like operate, tasklist, and optimize are based on exporters. We have an elasticsearch exporter which exports all records to elasticsearch and the web apps consume elastic. You can also build your custom exporters and export data to every database you like.

This should sufficient your needs, but if you really want to check what is inside the internal Zeebe db you might want to take a look at zdb GitHub - Zelldon/zdb: Zeebe debug and inspection tool. Be aware this is a personal (community project) so there a no guarantees for the usage.


@zelldon Thank you very much for your response.