Migrate timer activity instance which moved to subprocess


we have changed our process model:
We moved an intermediate Timer Event into an embedded/expanded subprocess to have the ability to stop it via an boundary event. But I wondered how I can migrate from the old timer to the new one. The activity id is the same, but if I do the migration “the computer says no”. :grinning: (says no migration instruction for the timer activity given) - wondered how can I adress the activitity in the subprocess. If I map the timer to the gateway before the type does not match to the expected by the migration.

Had also some tries with process modification. But if I move the process to the gateway before (in order to migrate it after process modification) it directly begins to run in the timer again. Is there any chance to move the activities of the process in suspension state?

We use camunda version 7.8.

Any Ideas?

Thank you very much in before.

Hi Sebastian,

How do you perform the migration - via Cockpit or something else?
Could you please share the two versions of your process.

Best regards,


thx for your reply. :slight_smile: Wie migrate via the java migration api. Not via the cockpit. We also used the java api for process modification.

version 1 of the process looks something like this:

and version 2 is something like this.


Was easier than thought… had only to add a mapping “TIMER_TO_MIGRATE” to “TIMER_TO_MIGRATE” in the activity map of the migration plan. Thought that would happen automatically, because the id did not changed… but seen too late, that activities moved to subprocesses are not mapped automatically … :roll_eyes:

so problem is solved… :slight_smile: