Migrate to Camunda Enterprise

Hello guys,

We are using camunda free for some applications, and we are thinking of buying the enterprise version of Camunda because of some extra features. I have a question: In order to migrate to the enterprise version, will it be necessary to rewrite some of my application? Our application is all Java + Spring. It is a conventional application, with no complexity. It only starts a process, receives some variables, and does a few more things in our system, all in Java.

Thank you =)

You wouldn’t need to change anything except for the static artifacts like Cockpit.
Everything else will remain the same.

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Hi Nial,

Ok. Thank you =)

@Niall what do you mean with static artifacts? This probably does not contain database structure changes right?

I mean the deployed application -

  • Engine
  • Webapps

These may have patch releases in the EE version that are not in the CE version.