Migrating bpmn processes to another database instance

I want to migrate bpmn processes to another db instance, but just copying the entire db is not possible.
At the moment, MySql is used and I need to transfer the data to Postregsql, there is a lot of data, so I need only the most recent data (for example, a couple of months).
I am using Spring Boot 2.6.1 and camunda bpmn 7.13.0. I hope for your advice or a hint on which tables and in what order to download from the database

It may be possible to use a second db instance to record all changes from the first instance and then switch the db

Hey @Omega_lul,
did I understand it correctly that you want to migrate not only the process definition but also part of the history? The database itself stays the same, we are just talking about another instance of it, right?

Looking forward to you answers!

Yes, you are right. History processes and current pending processes. Database strucure will not change

Hmm, is there a chance to create a backup of the existing database, perform a history cleanup and then move the data to a new instance?